Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aside from the food, what else does Aguacate Catering take care of?

A. We can take care of everything that has to do with the food and beverages, including
the menu, bar mixers and set ups,liquor & wine flights, all the equipment you'll need, plus
the entire event staff.
Equipment typically means linens, china, silverware, glassware, buffet, and other serving
pieces, as well as cooking hardware.
We offer linen, china, silverware, and glassware
options to clients who want high design, as well as expert guidance on creating a
stunning look for your event. For example, our stylish polycarbonate stemware is
perfect for events at Villas with pools (where glassware is often not allowed.)

We'll help you decide how much liquor you need and what types, especially wines. Our
staff deliver, cook, and serve the food, handle the clean up associated with our work, and

We love working with florists and are happy to refer you to one based upon our experience
here on Vieques. Our pricing includes table top decor for buffets, garnishes for platters
and plates, but when you need full scale theme or decor work you're best served by a
professional event planner or decorator (with whom we'd be happy to consult.)

For valet parking, specialty lighting, and power distribution you can rely on us for straight
advice and coordination services as well.

Most importantly, we know when you should turn to other sources for particular
items. We are not event planners or bridal consultants, don't pretend to be, and
aren't looking to grab more business by taking over your party. (We will happily
recommend an event planner that we feel is most suited to your needs.) If something
you want for your party supports the food and beverage or service aspects the odds
are that we have experience in handling it. We believe our primary job is to insure a
wildly successful event, so while we focus on cooking extraordinary food, beautifully
presented and served, we regularly take on responsibility for other event details too.

  • How much will my party cost?

A. Any event, regardless of why it's being held, has so many components that it's not
easy to give a simple answer.
Besides the variety of menus (hamburger or filet of beef)
there are the dishes, linens, glasses, number of courses, complexity of the menu, (which
determines the amount of prep time and the number of chefs we need) and the length of
the party. The venue (where the event's being held) can affect the cost as some locations
are easier to work than others.

That being said, we know the usual costs for the different types of parties we cater. We
are happy to help you better understand catering, please understand that what follows are
approximate costs. With attention to detail a party may cost less (usually not by a whole
lot) but can certainly cost more if you have a big wish list.

These estimated costs include:
  • the menu
  • bar setups, sodas & mixers, bar tools, bar fruit, ice, ice chests, cocktail napkins, and
    a crunchy bar mix.
  • equipment (see above)
  • staff
  • Please note that we do meal "drop offs" at houses and hotel suites
    that are much less expensive as they do not include the above.

Cocktail Parties: $30.-$60 per person
This would be for a 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hour reception that is not intended to replace dinner.

Dinner Parties: $40-$120.
Seated or Buffet, including hors d'oeuvre, 4 hours of service, may include liquor
Wedding Receptions: $50-$160.
Seated or Buffet, including hors d'oeuvre, 6 hours of service, may include liquor
Spending less doesn't mean one leaves the party hungry or that we scrimp on ingredients.
We won't compromise the essential elements of your party: enough great food to satisfy
you and your guests, stylish presentation, and sufficient staffing. With Aguacate the lower
price range still includes handmade food by the same chefs who make all our food (no
second tier chefs are in our employ)and the same quality staff, but may include simpler
equipment choices, a less elaborate menu that needs fewer staff, or maybe a venue that
doesn't require a lot of basic equipment (like your house, when you don't need tables,
chairs, and linen for each guest.)
Conversely, the upper range may reflect a party site that needs more equipment. Of
course it may also include a more extensive menu, specialty linens, stemware, or
silverware, or heavier staffing levels. Yes, it's possible to spend more and to see the
At these prices I could go to a restaurant! Why should off- premise
catering be more expensive than a restaurant?
Well, essentially we create and bring a restaurant to you, for one meal, once!
Regardless of how clever we may be it's not possible to do this for less than a
stationary restaurant that's open 6 or 7 days a week. Besides having real chefs and
wait staff working for us we have an aspect of our business that's all too similar to a
moving company; we have to plot routes to get to your party, figure in travel time and
traffic, and maintain a fleet of vehicles. None of these costs are carried by
restaurants. Restaurants and caterers both feed guests, other than that our
businesses are quite different.

Furthermore, we don't hustle you out because we want to seat someone else at your
table! An off-premise event has your signature written all over it in ways that a
restaurant meal never can.

We have sophisticated palates. Can You accomodate us?
  • Before moving to Vieques 4 years ago & starting Aguacate we owned and
    operated the nationally acclaimed Martin House Restaurant & Catering in
    Provincetown ,Ma for 16 years. We cooked countless meals and catered
    innumerable weddings to accolades, cooked at the James Beard House in NYC
    and were written up in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and every
    culinary & travel magazine of national importance.
We have thousands of recipes, featuring all kinds of cuisine. We can incorporate
specific dishes upon request and we have successfully catered Vegan Dinner Parties,  
Puerto Rican - Swiss, Indian - Jewish,  Japanese - Ukrainian & Korean weddings!

Our event is scheduled to go until 11:00 P.M. What happens if we want to
go a little longer?
No Problem. Our pricing to you includes service until a predetermined time and the
supervisors know to check with you 30 minutes or so before the scheduled  finish time
to see if you are okay with closing down the party at your original time. If you choose
to extend the party we'll say "great" and bill you in 1/2 hour increments. Regardless,
linens will not be snapped off the tables at 11:01 P.M. While we can occasionally send
home a staff person or 2, more often than not we need our full crew to stay to the
end since the breakdown is just as large at 11:30 as it would have been at 11:00.

May we keep the left over food ?
Our insurance agent and lawyer both tell us that it's dangerous for us to leave food
behind since we concede control over how and when it's served once we are gone.
(This can get even trickier with food that has been out on a buffet for a length of
On the other hand, we don't want our clients, basking in the afterglow of a delightful
party, left  hungry  with nothing to eat! So we make an effort to pack up those left
overs that we're comfortable with leaving for you from a safety aspect.

Clients who order food a la carte from one of our delivery menus get every last
morsel of food they ordered . They can pack it away carefully into their own
refrigerators if it isn't all eaten!

How are your staff dressed?
For home parties and other, less formal events our floor staff wears black or white
polo shirts and black or khaki trousers. The uniform for more formal evening events is
a black shirt and black trousers. Chefs wear chef whites.

Can I pay with a credit card?
A.Yes, with PayPal on our website.

When do you need my final guest count?
We need a guaranteed count one week before your event. In the ensuing week that
number may increase but not decrease.

When is my bill due?
Private clients' invoices should be paid in full seven days prior to the day of the event.
If there are additional charges that come up during your party we're happy to bill you
after the event.