Wedding Proposal Guide
Every wedding is unique, and at Aguacate
Caterers we work with you to plan the details to
ensure your day is perfect. Listed below are
points to consider when planning and the
particulars that will help us help you plan. After
discussing these details, we will create a
proposal which contains suggested customized
menus as well as estimated food, service, and
rental costs. Once you have reviewed the
proposal we will meet to discuss any changes
and finalize the menu, service, and rental

Print and use this guide!
General Information

Date of event

Time and length of event

Reception Venue

Estimated number of adult guests

Estimated number of children (5-11years)

Estimated Vendor Count (who will be eating)

Food Budget

Vendors / Other Contacts

Wedding Coordinator





Rental Company


Family member or friend in charge

Floor Plan / Diagram

Guest tables
Head tables
Buffet tables
Gift Table
Cake Table
DJ table or Band area
Dance Floor

Kind of Reception Desired

Butlered (passed) hors d'oeuvres

Stationary hors d'oeuvres

Combination of passed & stationary hors d'oeuvres

Food Stations

Formal sit down meal


Combination of served first course and dessert and a buffet for the main course

Cake and Punch

Food Selections

What kinds of food do you like?

What kinds of food do you dislike?

Are any vegetarian dishes required?

Any guests with known food allergies?

Special food requests?

Kinds of Beverages and Beverage Service Desired


Self Serve Bar

Served wine and / or champagne

Wine with dinner only

Champagne toast only

Non- alcoholic drinks only

Beer and wine only

Beer, wine and specialty drinks only

Full bar

Rental Requirements

Table linens

China and flatware


Tables / Chairs

Chair covers and sashes

Event Details

After deciding the menu, the type of service and the rentals, it's important to plan the
event details to ensure your day is perfect. Depending on the scope of our involvement in
your event, below are some topics that we may discuss to help plan for your special day.

General Information

Wedding colors

Table centerpieces / decorations

Type of flowers

Final Guest Count (needed at least 7 days before event)

Number of adult meals - non vegetarian

Number of adult meals - vegetarian

Number of child meals

Number of vendor meals

Guest Tables

Who sets up guest tables and chairs?

Who breaks down guest tables and chairs?

Who will put on tablecloths?

Napkin colors, tablecloth colors

Who puts out centerpieces and other decorations?

Favors for guests on tables? By whom?

Light candles? When?

Who puts out / removes chair covers and sashes?

What is provided at each place setting?

Glasses - red wine, white wine, water , champagne

Silverware - salad fork, dinner fork, knife, soup spoon, dessert fork, dessert spoon

Plates - salad plate, butter plate, dinner plate, charger

Napkins in wine glass or other special fold?

Beverages and Cake

Will servers poor wine at table?

Open wine bottles and leave on table? Guidelines?

Champagne toast poured at table or served on tray?

Water poured at table or water pitcher on table?

Served coffee or coffee station? Tea?

Served cake or dessert station?

Seating and serving

Is seating for the meal assigned? How?

Are guests numbered or named?

If buffet, will tables be called to buffet by DJ ?

Who will queue DJ that meal is ready?

If meal is served , what order to serve tables?

If multiple entre meals are served, how to tell who gets which entre ?

Special requirements for head table service?

Dining Hall / Kitchen

Earliest time caterer can arrive

Parking restrictions / instructions

Kitchen details / restrictions

Trash requirements

Recycling requirements


Umbrellas required?

Contingent plans for weather conditions

Do chairs need to be moved during event? By whom?

Who will set up gift table, cake table, DJ table etc ?

Linenes ordered for these tables?


Who will arrange for rentals?

Rental delivery time?

Where will rentals be located?

Meal Styles
Consider the following meal styles to determine which option best suites your taste.
Seated Dinner
Seated dinners are ideal for more formal occasions, complete with a set menu with courses selected by you.
A buffet style reception is less formal than a seated dinner and offers your guests more menu choices
and creates a more casual and sociable atmosphere.
A combination style meal strikes a balance between buffet end seated service. This option offers table service for the
first course and dessert, and a buffet for the main course.
Brunch (from 11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
If your wedding is early in the day consider a brunch reception with fresh pastries and fruit, an omelet station and
champagne, or Bloody Maria Bar!
Entre Choices
Satisfy your guests' palates by choosing entre "duos". Serve chicken and beef or pair a meat with fish etc.
Themed Stations
Offer your guests a wide range of culinary experiences by providing specialty or themed foods.
Hors d'oeuvres and Cocktails
An hors d'oeuvres reception allows your guests to socialize while sampling an array of small hot and cold bites and
enables the exhausted (or excited) couple to be off on their honeymoon early!